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Cynthia Conner Goyang a woman who bears the scars of poverty, softened and salved by the Balm of Gilead. As a girl in Denver, CO, she grew up amid an array of races. Diversity was the rule, not the exception.


She is uniquely qualified to have authored both novels. Three Nights In Mannford, and Just One Touch. Her entire life has been a mission of maneuvering between different realities: Poor and comfortable, Black and White, Lawless and Legit. As an African-American mother of three adult sons, she is sensitive to the issues regarding the racial divide and the police-involved shootings in our country.


She prays for God’s protection over the victims of these systematic issues, but also prays for those in the law enforcement community, which includes her eldest son, a well-respected police detective. Cynthia and her husband Tony reside in Texas. She has followed after Christ, reaching as it were, to touch the hem of His garment.

With the Lord’s Lavished Love upon her, she knows the answer for all worldly ills will come through God and God alone. From this perspective she writes.

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